Russian Christmas 2013 – Fair & Concert

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January 13, 1 pm – 7  pm 

Dear Participants , On behalf of Palme's Performing Society and all Russian community of Vancouver we would like to thank you ...

Dear Participants,

On behalf of Palme’s Performing Society and all Russian community of Vancouver we would like to thank you for participating in the “6th Annual Russian Christmas in Vancouver”!

This year we have invited performers from different communities and this turned out to be a major multicultural celebration that is now recognized city wide. This is major win for Russian community and all multicultural Vancouver.

Your performance and your support made this event. Thank you once again for making this possible your participation and support is highly appreciated!

We look forward to see you joining us again for another major celebration on June 15 “Russia Day”.

Kind Regards, Andrey Ahachinsky

Response from Ukrainian dance groups Sopilka and Veselka

Hi Andrey,

Thank you so much for your kind words. We really enjoyed performing for you. It was a great venue and was certainly well attended when our dancers performed. It was wonderful for our children to have such a great opportunity to perform in public. Thank you.

Its great to see this beautiful multicultural event and we look forward to seeing you on June 15th. Please provide us with the details as soon as you are able.

I know that it takes a lot of work to organize such large events, so congratulations to you and your organizers for all your hard work. By working together and sharing our beautiful cultures, we can hopefully continue to grow and continue to exist for many generations yet to come.

Take care, Debbie Karras

Response from Sangre Morena

Hi Andrey,

We just want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to perform our music for your community.  It was very enjoyable, and we appreciate the warm reception and the nice comments from the public.

Thanks again, and we wish you the best of success in 2013.We will be happy to join you again on June 15!

Sangre Morena


Photo album on our Picasa site


Admission $8,  $4 – seniors/students,

$2 – kids under 6 year old

Dear friends, we have exciting news for you! The 6th Annual Russian Christmas in Vancouver event will be extended to 7 PM. This means that you will be entertained for two more hours longer! We look forward to see you at the event!

  • Do you like Russian food?
  • Are you interested in Russian culture?
  • Do you enjoy Russian dancers?
  • Maybe you always wanted to sing along and dance with the Russian “Khorovod”?
  • Do you have kids that need to be entertained?

Then, welcome to the largest Russian Christmas celebration in British Columbia where you will get a chance to taste the best of Russian: culture, gourmet cuisine, real Russian vodka, while the kids will be entertained by the Russian traditional Christmas characters all day 1 PM-7PM.

This is part of the truly unique all-family fun experience featuring a full-day of various entertainment for every taste.

6th Annual Russian Christmas in Vancouver Program

11.30 – 12.30 – Children’s play. Tickets – $15 (tickets for the show)

An exciting theatrical production for children “Dr.Dolittle”.

  1:00 –   7:00 – Fair (tickets can be purchased on the top of this page)

Extensive traditional Russian food showcase offer, eat at the event or buy for take out.

The Fair Program

1.00 - 3.00 – Children’s program


Christmas carols

Vocal group “Palme”

“Africa” Dance from “Doctor Dollitle”

Singning Theatre “Romashka”

Dance & song by “Palme”

Violin, Elvira Vоskanian

Dance from “Doctor Dollitle”

Ukrainian Dance Group “ Sopilka”

Duo”The Organic Beets”, Jake and Joey Hobbis

Ukrainian Dance Group “Veselka”

Singning Theatre “Romashka”

Duo”The Organic Beets”,Jake and Joey Hobbis

Dance, Nicole Kwiring & Nikita Potekhin

Song by Kateryna Kiselyova

Bulgarian Children’s Dance Group “Prolet”

Violin, Elvira Vоskanian

Bulgarian Children’s Dance Group “Prolet”

Song by Vasilina Kazarina

Maria Navernyuk, gymnastics performance

3.00 – 7.00 – Concert & Ball Preview

Greeting from Richard Lee

Christmas carols Duo Nadya& Liza, Dance “Palme’

Songs, Sangre Morena Hungarian Folk dance group “Forras” Songs, Sangre Morena Hungarian Dance Group Csárdás

Songs, Irina Navernyuk & Lilia Leitin Song by Russian Theatre “Palme” & all Fashion show, collection of Marina Shishkin Guitar, Roland Morin Polonaise by Ball debutantes Waltz by Michelle Efimova & Olaf Gaweda, Nicole Kviring & Ball  debutantes Romance songs by Irina Navernyuk, Galina Gitlina Russian Dance, Stanislav Galimkhanov Duo Galina Gitlina, guitar and Alla Shmaenok, violin Dance, Coastal City Ballet Songs by Kateryna Kiselyova Dance, Coastal City Ballet Song by Alexander Pavlov Georgian Dance, Stanislav Galimkhanov Violin, Elvira Vоskanian

Song, Alexandria Maillot Latin Dance by Michelle Efimova Argentine tango by Hari Gopaul & Tatiana Balashova Song, Kateryna Kiselyova and Alexandra Anoshina Gypsy Dance group “Roma Gray”

Jazz Song, Ekaterina Gitlina Dance-parody from debutantes Song, Kateryna Kiselyova and Alexander Pavlov Argentine tango by Hari Gopaul & Tatiana Balashova Jazz Song, Ekaterina Gitlina Gypsy  Dance group “Roma Gray”

Alexander  Pavlov, Kateryna Kiselyova , Alexandra Anoshina

Argentine tango by Hari Gopaul & Tatiana Balashova

Acrobatic performance, Viktoria Erschova

Song, Olesya Romashka

Dance, “Palme” Songs by Andrey Andreichik

Программа 6-го Русского Рождества в Ванкувере

11.30 – 12.30 – спектакль “Доктор Айболит” на английском языке $15 (билеты на спектакль)

 1.00-    7.00 – ярмарка и анонс Бала (Билеты у входа всего $8)

6-ти часовая программа

•    Увлекательные конкурсы между 10-ью очаровательными дебютантками бала

•    Выступление в 4-часовом  концерте исполнительниц  бальных танцев с партнерами Татьяны Спесивцевой, Мишель Ефимовой;

•    исполнительницы танго Татьяны Балашовой с партнером;

•    балетной труппы Pacific Arts:

•    солиста ансамбля «Алтын» Станислава Галимханова:

•    ансамбля «Рома грай»,

•    танцевальной группы «Дуня»(танец живота)

•    Певцов: Андрея Андрейчика,Александра Павлова,Катерины Киселевой,Ирины Навернюк, Екатерины Житлиной,Олеси Ромашки, Александры Аношиной.

•    Музыкантов: Эльвиры Восканян,Галины Житлиной и Аллы Шмаенок;

•    Показа коллекции дизайнера Марины Шишкиной моделями Xsenia & Olya •     и  сюрпризов от театра «Палмэ»

Greetings from The Honorable John Yap – 6th Annual Russian Christmas – January 13 2013

A Message from the Premier – 6th Annual Russian Christmas – January 13 2013

Russian Community Centre of Vancouver

2114 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

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Russian Christmas 2013 – Fair & Concert

Russian Christmas 2013 – Fair & Concert