Russian Christmas 2013 – Kids Performance

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January 13, 11.30 am -12.30 pm

Children’s play “Dr. Dolittle”

Айболит or Dr. Dolittle Video

Айболит or Dr. Dolittle Photo

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Tickets are $15 + 0.69 service fee

Kid’s show. An exciting theatrical production for children ” The new adventures of Doctor Dolittle”  is an interactive fun show for kids!

Doctor Dolittle ( in Russian version  Ay-bolit) is  a fictional character which directly translates as “Ouch, [it] hurts!

So if you know the original story with the doctor, kids and the pirates…

Prepare to  meet some funny, unusual characters such as  Pushmi-pullyu

Beware of a super cute and Dolittle- Aybolit’s antagonist, the evil pirate Barmaley.

Well, we are not going tell you all the story here, just a sneak peak…

So come out with your kids and enjoy ” The new adventures of Doctor Dolittle”  show!


6th Annual Russian Christmas in Vancouver Program

11.30 – 12.30 – Children’s play. Tickets – $15

  1:00 –   7:00 – Fair (tickets and more information)

Extensive traditional Russian food showcase offer, eat at the event or buy for take out.


Greetings from The Honorable John Yap – 6th Annual Russian Christmas – January 13 2013

A Message from the Premier – 6th Annual Russian Christmas – January 13 2013

Russian Community Centre of Vancouver

2114 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

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If you have problems with parking use  this site.


DoLittle Play for Kids