Dead Souls (Oct. 2012)

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Dates: October 14, 21 (in Russian); October 25, 27, 28 (in English)

Are you interested in Russian culture, language and literature? Are you a student or a Teacher of the theatre? If so we invite you to Russian Theatre Palme’s play “Dead Souls” based on the classic novel by Nikolai Gogol, playing in English on October 25,27,28 @ 7 pm, 2114 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

Online ticket price (only up to 1 day before the play’s date) : General admission:$15 ($3 savings vs. door price); seniors and students: $12 online ($3 savings vs. door price)

Door ticket price: General Admission:$18; seniors and students: $15 at the door


Russian Theatre Palme has been a successful theatre group here in Vancouver for almost 16 years. Over the years we have put on over 200 performances featuring works by Russian authors like Gogol and Chekhov. Director Oleg Palme is a professional theatre and film actor who has appeared in many productions in Russia, the Ukraine and in Canada, where his credits include “The Crow” and “The Miracle.

Palme’s “Dead Souls” is a classic story with a modern twist. This version of the play brings to the fore the demonic presence that pervades all of Gogol’s works. It’s perfect for Halloween!
























Based on the works of Nikolai Gogol


October 14, 21(по-русски)

Мы приглашаем вас непременно посмотреть наш спектакль! Яркие актерские образы, музыка Альфреда Шнитке, оригинальные танцы в постановке Надежды Добрянской, включения русских и украинских народных песен, использование видеосъемок – все это создает полную мистики и необычайной фантазии атмосферу гоголевских произведений.

Мертвые Души – Очерк Уральского