2012 Season Ticket

2012 Season Ticket will be available for sale on May 21, 2012

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Schedule and locations are subject to a change. Please check with the main calendar (right hand side of the page) to confirm the current schedule.

Ярмарка ДушMay 19, 20, 2012 – Russian comedy show “Bazaar of Souls” (in Russian)

Total value: $22 (includes entrance fee to the fair and the entrance fee to “Bazaar of Souls” show.)



Description and more details

Interactive, ironic comedy show with choreography and singing – May 19, 20, 2012 This May’s weekend, for a few hours in the colorful style of Gogol’s works fair and sale of Russian and Ukrainian food, souvenirs, products of craftsmen, the evening premiere of works by well-known classics with elements of mystery to the music of Alfred Shnitke. Also we will feature live performance of original Russian and Ukrainian folk songs and dances.

“Russian food & souvenirs fair” 2PM-6PM

“Bazaar of Souls” 7PM

Address: Russian Community Center, 2114 West 4th Avenue  Vancouver, BC V6K 1N7


May 27, 2012 (no cap) “Russian Spring  in Vancouver” Concert
(Fair – Russian food & souvenirs market with Russian music).

Total value: $12 (includes entrance fee to both food fair and a concert)



Description and more details

Spring Food Fair, souvenirs and an art exhibition for a few hours before the big concert theater-studio “Palme” and other Russian artists song, dance, musicians on the threshold of the

“Day of Russia” in Russian language “Spring Food Fair” 1PM-6PM

“Russian Spring in Vancouver” 7PM

Address: Russian Community Center, 2114 West 4th Avenue  Vancouver, BC V6K 1N7


russianchristmas-2012-8June 10, 2012 “Russia Day” – Festival of Russian culture

Total value: $10


Description and more details

Full day of Russian culture showcase traditionally held at the Serbian Cultural Centre – the most spacious of the public centers of large lower mainland.Fireworks of Russian art all day long! Children’s performances and games, concerts, exhibits of all kind, featuring draws and lottery.Lottery prizes, a variety of Russian and Slavic cuisine featuring: signing, dancing, theatrical performances, Russian food.

“Russia Day” 12PM-7PM

Address: Serbian Center, 7837 Canada Way Burnaby BC V3N 3K8

Jan 13, 2013 “Russian Christmas in Vancouver”
All day family fair with showcase of Russian art, entertainment and Russian food.

In the evening Christmas concert featuring the best performers of Vancouver’s Russian  community.

 “Doctor Dolittle”– show for kids with goody bags gifts – January12, 2013.

Total value: $ 25

Description and more details

Musical performance for children and adults about the adventures of Dr.Dolittle and his fellow animals. Music composed by  Dmitri Kubyshkin a Vancouver composer.

“Russian Christmas Fare” 1PM-4PM

Doctor Dolittle” 5PM

“Christmas Concert” 7:30PM

Address: Russian Community Center, 2114 West 4th Avenue  Vancouver, BC V6K 1N7+